Voskì , gold in translation, pays homage to two distinct native Armenian grape varieties which come together beautifully to create the authentic spirit of this wine.

Vintage : 2018
Grapes : Voskehat, Garandman
Winery : ZORAH
Production Type : full-bodied white wine
Drinking Maturity : trinkreif
Wine Country Origin : Armenia
Wine Region : Vayotz Dzor, Rind

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34.50 CHF

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Wine Description

Ancient indigenous varieties, archaeological evidence suggests that both Voskèak and Garandmak, have been present in Armenia for millennia. Voskèat in translation “Golden seed” is considered Queen of Armenia’s grapes. It is a delicate golden coloured grape with small compact, relatively thin skinned berries and cross shaped bunches. Garandmak, in translation “Fatty tail”, one of the most popular grapes, is a much hardier variety, greenish yellow in colour, with larger thicker skinned berries and compact bunches.
Vibrant, juicy and layered with beautiful acidity that comes from the high altitudes. The floral and spicy notes give way to a full-bodied white and the final blend is like a symphony on one’s pallet.

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