VAN ARDI Rosé Dry Wine / Special offer: Instead of 23 CHF, now 21 CHF.

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Vintage : 2021
Grapes : Areni,Kakhet
Winery : VAN ARDI
Production Type : Rosé wine
Drinking Maturity : trinkreif
Wine Country Origin : Armenia
Wine Region : Ashtarak

21.00 CHF 21.0 CHF

21.00 CHF

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Wine Description

Sweet aromas of tropical fruits, notes of pears and peaches. A delicate and beautiful Rose with pleasant minerality like silk on the palate. Very refreshing. Recommended with antipasti, melon and prosciutto, medium strength cheeses, salad niçoise, roast turkey or chicken, and even fruits, hors d'oeuvre and caviar.

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