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The recipe for beef basturma .
Beef topside of about 2.5 - 3 kg is wet cured for 7 - 10 days. Depending on the recipe, spices such as nutmeg or cloves are already added to the brine. After curing, the meat must be dried, about 30 days. This is best done in fresh mountain air. There is plenty of it in the Caucasus around Yerevan. Then the piece of meat is pressed, for about 1 week. Clamped between 2 wooden boards, the pressure is increased daily to squeeze out all the liquid. It comes to the preparation of the 'Chaman', the seasoning paste made of fenugreek, garlic, chilies, paprika, vinegar and water. In the mortar, the ingredients are pounded until creamy, in the end it must be a not too dry paste. About one centimeter thick, the 'Chaman' is spread on the meat all around. Then the piece of meat is pulled on butcher's string and left to dry for another week.
Today, basturma is popular as an appetizer, especially when sliced very thinly. High-quality meat and bread should not be missing at an aperitif, as well as various finger foods and, of course, the appropriate Armenian wines.
Basturma is hermetically packed by the manufacturer. The slices have different weights, from 0,6 kg to 1,2 kg. If you want to order, please contact us to specify the weight.
In the piece 100 g costs 8 CHF/ cut costs 10 CHF.