Ararat Vaspurakan is a high quality Armenian brandy. This drink is named after the historical and sovereign ancient Armenian principality of Vaspurakan ("Noble Land"). Vaspurakan centuries ago was considered the land of promise and paradise on earth.
The princes of Vaspurakan were the greatest architects of their time. Within a short time they built 10 cities, churches, thousands of forts and citadels.

Vintage : Aged 15 Years
Production Type : BRANDY 0.5L Alc. 40 %
Wine Country Origin : Armenia

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Wine Description

Ararat Vaspurakan 0.5L is a 15-year-old noble brandy aged in oak barrels. Brandy Vaspurakan opens the series of old assemblies of ARARAT Brandy.
This brandy is characterized by its beautifully saturated amber color with unique shades of antique gold, an elegant aroma with spicy notes, coffee and dried fruits. Complex on the palate with perfectly balanced flavor, surprisingly silky and rounded. Slight bitterness in the long finish.

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