Ararat Dvin is a delicious brandy with 50% alcohol. The brandy is the first masterpiece of the Ararat Exclusive Collection.
Ararat Dvin was the favorite drink of the former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. He first tasted the brandy during a meeting with Stalin and Roosevelt in Yalta

Vintage : AGES 30 YEARS
Production Type : BRANDY 0.75 L Alc.50%

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145.00 CHF

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Wine Description

Ararat Dvin has unique characteristics that make it easy for this quality brand to compete with French cognac on the international market. Dvin has received several awards throughout its history, including 13 gold medals at international competitions. Ararat Dvin is for real cognac connoisseurs who appreciate the unique quality of this wonderful drink.
The brandy is made in the French Cognac style, but it is aged for a long time in Armenian old oak barrels. This has given the brandy its intense amber color with mahogany tones. Its clear aroma of fine cloves, dried fruit, harmoniously combined with a touch of walnut and the complex, long finish will surprise your senses.