Armenian coffee is well-known far beyond the borders of Armenia. The consumption of Armenian coffee is a complete ritual and a national tradition. ARARAT Coffee represents a new interpretation of this tradition, presenting a familiar flavor duo in a refreshed form. In this beverage, we bring together the legendary Armenian brandy ARARAT and the distinctive taste of coffee.
Volume: 0.75 liters
Alc. by vol.: 30%

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55.00 CHF

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Wine Description

Spend enjoyable moments
The unique blend of coffee and Armenian brandy flavors makes ARARAT Coffee a delightful addition to intimate gatherings with family or friends. It embodies high quality. ARARAT Coffee can be enjoyed neat or chilled, and it lends itself well to various cocktails, unveiling entirely new dimensions of its taste. Explore numerous cocktail recipes here or experiment with your own special combinations.
Color: Dark amber with coffee undertones.
Taste: A blend of coffee and caramel, complemented by the smoothness of fresh cream.
Flavor: A harmonious combination of roasted coffee beans and dark chocolate with undertones of caramel and vanilla.