A tribute to the Armenian Riverboats


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Koor wines are a traditional blend of indigenous Armenian grape varieties. They are grown in high altitude vineyards in the Vayots Dzor region. The name Koor is a tribute to the Armenian riverboats and wine industry. The picture on the label shows a scene from the history of Herodotus: Armenian merchants travelled in wooden boats and animal skins from Armenia to Babylon through the river Euphrates. They had barrels of palm wood full of wine with them. In Babylon they sold the wine, the wood, rolled the animal skin, climbed the donkeys and went back to Armenia along the banks of the river. 


The name Koor is a tribute to Armenian riverboat craftsmanship and wine merchants. The illustration on the label shows a scene from Herodotus’ book Histories. Armenian merchants used to travel from Armenia to Babylon down the Euphrates River in boats made of wood and animal hide with casks of palm-wood filled with wine. According to Histories, these boats were called Kur or Koor.

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Koor Red Dry Wine Reserve

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Koor Voshehat White Driy Wine & Koor Voshehat Reserve

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